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Finding Bible Study Topics: Concordances

Bible study topics can be found in many different ways such as using a topical Bible or looking through Bible study guides. Another way to find a Bible study topic is to use a concordance.

A concordance is a type of reference work that helps you find Bible study topics based on certain words. You can look up a word in a concordance and see where the Bible mentions that word. Some concordances will also show variations of the word in the same listing. Don’t forget to look up synonyms for the word too. Concordances are also helpful if you remember certain words in a verse but can’t remember the reference. You can quickly find it by looking up the main words that you can remember of the verse.

Strong's book coverMany Bibles will have a concordance at the back after the main text. These are concise concordances. They don’t have every instance of every word; however, they usually have critical words. You can also buy a concise concordance in book form that is more complete than the one in the back of your Bible. It is also more convenient to have a separate book that you can reference while flipping through your Bible to the right verses.

An exhaustive concordance, like the Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, is much more comprehensive. This type of concordance will have every instance of every word in the Bible. Some have dictionary and lexicographical information in them. These will tell you the underlying Hebrew or Greek word that makes up the translated English word.

There are several websites which give you the same ability as a concordance. You are able to search for specific words through the whole text of the bible. Smartphone apps can do the same thing. One popular website for quick word lookups is Bible Gateway. It has many different Bible translations you can look through. The Blue Letter Bible website not only has the ability to look up words, but also ties every word to the Strong’s concordance numbers. There are Bible study tools which use those numbers to help with word studies.

A concordance is indispensable for pastors and teachers when preparing for their Bible study lessons. A concordance can also be a help to people wanting to do personal Bible study.

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